Credenz Consulting Services’ overall mission is to make its clients’ businesses better. Our services reduce your risks, improve your processes, and save you time and money.We help businesses develop and implement solutions to many of their most critical challenges and touching all facets of their organisations. We integrate our business, accounting and industry capabilities to accomplish the specific needs of our clients.

How Our Consultants Can Help:

Transaction Advisory Services

Most regrettable acquisitions constitute due diligence failures. A fundamental problem when studying and investigating a business is the plethora of information obtained, but not sorted, to identify the most essential. That is why you need an advisory firm that understands your needs and is reliable.

We work with venture capital and private equity firms and their portfolio companies ranging in various sizes. Our transaction advisory professionals are trained to go beyond the historical and financial data analysis of the target company. We also look at the industry, marketplace, tax or accounting issues that may impact the deal.

Credenz Advisory works closely with its clients and their advisors to scope out the information required to meet their objectives. Our goal for each merger & acquisition transaction is to provide our clients with the appropriate information to allow them to proceed, renegotiate or restructure, or withdraw from a potential transaction. Our suite of transaction services supports you over the full lifecycle of your deal.

A typical acquisition financial due diligence’s scope would focus on:
• Assessing the quality of assets, earnings and cash flow
• Determining the value drivers and risk areas
• Working capital considerations
• Identifying internal control weaknesses including observations on systems
• Assessing differences from generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)

Performance Improvement

In order to develop a sustainable competitive edge, companies must continuously improve their performance.
We help companies to continuously innovate and adapt in a competitive globalized business environment to achieve successful growth.

Our performance improvement consultants offer services in the areas of Finance and Accounting and Demand and Supply Planning.

1) Finance and Accounting

The need for a high performing finance function has never been greater in an increasingly volatile business environment. How do we ensure that the finance function is cost-effective and smart at the same time? Our Finance and Accounting Performance Improvement practice addresses the top challenges of the Finance Function of organisations.

• Transforming finance operating model
• Outsourcing and shared service centre advisory
• Finance process optimization
• Improving performance management framework

2) Demand & Supply Planning

Demand planning is the starting point in the supply chain process and being the starting point, any decisions made will have tremendous impact down the supply chain stream. All decisions made would impact on the availability of goods to the consumer and the inventory level (how much working capital is tied up). As competition heightens, understanding market demand is critical in ensuring you have the edge against your competitors. Whether you are new or have an established forecasting process, we can help enhance your demand planning.

Supply planning determines the inventory policies which are needed to satisfy the demand requirements. In a world where lead time and uncertainties exist along the whole supply chain from production to availability to the consumers, it is important to ensure the right inventory level that will supply to the consumer at the right time and right price. Our role is to help you determine the right inventory holding to best cater to different scenarios.

Valuation Services

Value is a core consideration for any business. Gaining a deep understanding of the value of a business is critical to developing a strategy that can maximise its growth.

We undertake valuations of private business for many reasons including:

• To assist in determining the price parties in a transaction are willing to pay or receive for a business
• Dispute resolution
• Allocate business purchase price among business assets
• Establish a formula for estimating the value of partners’ ownership interest for buy-sell agreements
• Many other business and legal purposes

Financing Assistance

Access to capital is a strategic consideration for any company, whether through debt or equity financing. Drawing on our deep experience, Credenz helps our clients determine which option is best, and then works with the client to navigate the complexities of securing the funding. Our service offering includes:

• Funding strategy development (feasibility study)
• Identification and solicitation of, and negotiations with funding sources
• Forecasts and projections

Equity financing
We enjoy an extensive network of venture capitalist, private equity and strategic players active in various sectors. We offer our clients a wide range of potential financial and strategic investors to choose from.

Debt financing
Apart from the usual bank loans, thanks to our extensive experience in dealing with financial institutions, we also assist our clients in applications for subordinated debt or preference shares.